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University Hill Neighborhood Boulder Colorado

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The University Hill neighborhood is not just for undergrads! Explore south-ward and see the gem called: Chautauqua Park!

University Hill Boulder CO


Generally this neighborhood is thought to be bordered by University on the north border, (although the city of Boulder map shows it may officially extend all the way to Arapahoe Ave), Broadway provides the eastern edge as you roll south along campus, 9th Street is the western border, and we should probably stop calling it Uni Hill at Baseline.


If you're interested in finding a neighborhood that's continues to trend upwards in terms of property values, and owner-occupied pride, with lot's of big trees this is the neighborhood for you if you're looking for the old-school feel.

Pay close attention to the differences from one portion of 'The Hill' to another. As you explore the streets and homes closer to Broadway, and the CU Campus, you'll likely find lots of undergraduates taking up residence. Move farther west and south within the neighborhood, and you'll find a more serene experience.


Close to the University of Colorado, it was time to build some homes close to campus. Beginning as early as the late 1800's through the early 1900's... and up through the 1940's and 1950's homes were built in this area to serve Boulder in general, and of course, the needs of the University.


Many homes in the University Hill neighborhood continue to be renovated and restored to their original beauty. I'm noticing more homes being renovated and updated rather than tear-down in this neighborhood. Prices continue to rise, and you'll likely pay $1 Mil or so, up to $3 or $4 Mil on 'The Hill'.


Other nice trails include The Mesa Trail, which takes you behind and well beyond NCAR, the Gregory Canyon Trail, and of course the 'main' trail up through Chautauqua open space and right into the Flatirons. Look for blackberry bushes which are a nice treat, and lots of rock climbers on various places on the large rock formations.

The commercial district around 13th Street and College offers numerous shops such as Full Cycle Bikes, The Sink Restaurant, The Mac Shack, Albums on The Hill, and many others. It's time for you to explore!


Whittier Elementary Casey Middle Boulder High

BOULDER’S A RELATIVELY SMALL COMMUNITY. Many neighborhoods share the same elementary and middle schools.

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