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Chautauqua Neighborhood Boulder Colorado

Chautauqua Park is at the intersection of Grant and Baseline streets. The original Chautauqua Neighborhood is directly southwest of the groomed portion of the park, between the ranger bungalow, and the Chautauqua Auditorium.

The East Chautauqua Neighborhood is, you guessed it... the area immediatly east of the park and auditorium, to the south of Baseline.


I have included both the original Chautauqua area, filled with 'summer homes' from the early days of the Chautauqua, Chautauqua Park area, and the East Chautauqua Neighborhood, which has some of the larger homes. These homes are both 'classic' and 'contemporary' in design.

This is a wonderful neighborhood to live in if you like to have the ultimate experience in easy access to one of the most historic and folkloric parts of Boulder, and it includes immediate access to the quintessential hiking trails and the signature Flatirons rock formations for which Boulder is most often known.


The City of Boulder began preserving wild lands over 100 years ago! In 1898 Boulder citizens approved a bond issue to purchase 80 acres of land to be used as a 'Chautauqua.' Over the next twenty-two years Flagstaff Mountain, Bear Mountain, Royal Arch, and Green Mountain were added to the early protected land system. Chautauqua Dining Hall and Auditorium were built in 1898. The Chautauqua Ranger Cottage was built in 1987.


There isn't a lot of 'new' in the Chautauqua Neighborhood. A few homes were built, or rebuilt in East Chautauqua over the years, and I think that's what many people like about this area. The 'summer bungalows' and smaller homes in the original Chautauqua Neighborhood south of the park area rarely come up for sale, and when they do, they sell quickly and command quite high prices. Occasionally a home will sell, and frequently get extensively remodeled. Values have increased significantly in the last two to four years.


Royal Arch (0.8 mi; 880 ft.) starts near the Bluebell Shelter at the end of Bluebell Road leading south from the Trail Head. It goes into Bluebell Canyon, then climbs some switchbacks to gain a ridge. The trail drops into the drainage on the outer side of the ridge, climbs past the lovely Tangen Spring, then more steeply to end at Royal Arch.

Mesa Trail (6.9 mi; 410ft.) starts at the first turn at the top of Bluebell road (the emergency access road) that goes south from the trail head. It meanders south through forests and meadows beneath the Flatirons with connections to nearly all canyon trails along Boulder's Front Range. Near its southern end the Mesa Trail branches off twice to the Shadow Canyon Trail, but the main Mesa Trail goes eastward to end at Mesa South Trail Head.

McClintock Trail starts at the picnic area just south of the Chautauqua Auditorium. It descends into a lush streamside forest, then climbs gently and cross the fire road (Enchanted Mesa trail) at the stone bridge. The trail continues to climb along the edge of a shrub-filled gulley until it intersects with the Mesa Trail.


Black bears, and mountain lions inhabit this area. Many other wildlife species are common including birds of prey, mule deer and coyotes. I've seen bobcat, deer, fox and evidence of bear on my morning hikes here.


The Chautauqua Auditorium was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on March 21, 1978. The wooden building was constructed for the first season of the Colorado Chautauqua in 1898, and through the years continues to be a venue for many lectures, musical performances, and motion pictures.


Flatirons Elementary, Baseline Middle, Boulder High

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