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Things to Know When Considering New Construction vs Pre-owned

One of the main dilemmas people face when buying a home is whether to go for a new construction or a pre-owned home.

Do you want a home with the most up-to-date energy conservation technology and architectural features as a homeowner? Or perhaps a previously owned house that needs some work, such as repainting or moving walls, to produce the kind of designs more in vogue these days?

If you’re on the market for a home, there are many variables to consider before reaching a final decision.

Here are some of them.


One of the most appealing aspects of buying a new construction home is the opportunity to have a brand new home exactly how you want it instead of having to compromise and adopt the preferences of the former owner.

If you're buying a pre-owned home, the design of the rooms might not be modern but if that's what you prefer, then a pre-owned home is perfect for you.

Energy usage and conservation

A freshly built home is almost always the best option for being environmentally friendly.

Construction homes often meet or surpass Energy Star and WaterSense requirements, which are stricter than they were only a few decades previously in terms of energy savings.

Most importantly, newly constructed homes come equipped with energy certificates for everything from walls and roofs to windows and doors. Most pre-owned homes do not have certificates since they were constructed decades earlier when energy consumption was not a priority.

If you purchase a pre-owned house, you can choose to retrofit it which enhances its energy-saving efficiency.

Your Budget

One important factor to think about when you're considering new construction vs pre-owned is your budget.

You have to consider how much you can spare on a home. Generally, newly constructed homes are a bit more expensive than pre-owned homes.

You can get a better deal on them simply because they are older. When it comes to resale purchases, there is greater room for negotiating as well.

Safety features

If safety, especially against fires, is a priority for you, then a newly constructed home will be best for you.

Newly constructed residences usually include contemporary flame retardants in materials such as carpets and insulation.

Home builders routinely hardwire smoke and carbon monoxide detectors into these houses, eliminating the need for new homeowners to install less reliable battery-powered devices.

Several builders back up their hard-wired detectors with battery power to manage electricity disruptions.

Your neighborhood preference

If you purchase a construction house, you will live in a new neighborhood and community.

On the other hand, you will live in an old neighborhood if you purchase a pre-owned home.

A newer neighborhood has its advantages, but so does living in a more established one. It all comes down to personal preference.

Older neighborhoods may also be more attractive because of the wide avenues that provide more space for parking, taller trees, and larger yards.

Move-in time

If you are looking for a place to live almost immediately, then a pre-owned home is best for you. You can move into a pre-owned home in about a month after you buy it.

On the other hand, newly constructed homes take more time to move into because you have to wait for the house to be built from scratch.

Repairs and renovations

For pre-owned homes, you have to consider potential fixes and repairs along the way. The cost of these renovations will increase the overall price, so you must consider this too.

Scheduling a house inspection is a must-do, so you can take stock of any liabilities before purchasing the property.

On the other hand, new homes generally don’t need repairs for up to seven years post-construction. Besides, you also get to customize the architecture to suit your tastes from the start.

Whichever you decide to buy, I’ll listen to you and get you your dream house in your choicest community. Let’s discuss.

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