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Meati Foods is a Boulder-based food tech company pioneering the creation of plant-based "meats".

Meati Foods
Meati Foods

"Meats" using mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms. Their most recent product as of late 2023 is a snack product called Meati jerky.

Meati Foods was founded with the goal of addressing the environmental and ethical concerns associated with traditional animal agriculture by creating sustainable and delicious plant-based meats. The company's unique focus was on utilizing mycelium, the rapidly growing root structure of fungi, as a primary ingredient in their meat alternatives.

The process involved growing mycelium in controlled environments, allowing it to develop into a network of fibers that could mimic the texture and taste of various meats. Meati's approach aimed to replicate the experience of consuming animal-based proteins while offering a product that was better for the planet, animals, and human health.

Their product line included plant-based alternatives to beef, chicken, and other popular meat options. By leveraging mycelium, Meati Foods sought to create protein-rich, sustainable, and flavorful alternatives that could appeal to both vegans/vegetarians and meat-eaters looking to reduce their meat consumption.

Meati Foods' mission aligned with the growing trend of consumers seeking plant-based alternatives for health, environmental, and ethical reasons. Boulder, Colorado, known for its vibrant food scene and culture of sustainability, was an ideal location for a company dedicated to creating innovative plant-based foods.

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