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Newlands Neighborhood Boulder Colorado

Updated: Nov 25, 2020


From roughly just north of Hawthorn Ave, the Newlands neighborhood stretches to the south down to Alpine Ave.

The eastern border is Broadway, and its western edge is generally considered 3rd or 4th street, but essentially the open space land against the hogback is what terminates the Newlands west side boundary.


The Newlands neighborhood still remains a very popular, and a high-demand neighborhood. Prices have increased, especially on the western edge. Low supply and high demand have driven up prices over the past several years.


The Red Zinger Bicycle Classic held criterion races in the '70's which encircled North Boulder Park and consumed the Newlands Neighborhood.

The Red Zinger was founded by local businessman, and cycling legend Mo Seigel, founder of Celestial Seasonings Tea.

As far back as most of us can remember, the park has been a favorite for families and recreational enthusiasts, and is one of the largest parks in Boulder.

My photographer and videographer, Dan Knudson remembers playing little league baseball here as a child, and it is common to see cross-country / Nordic skiers in the winter... and many joggers and cyclists in the warmer months making laps around this large park.


Pops and scrapes, tear-downs, renovations, remodels... Newlands is a hot-bed of activity for those that want a large home near one of Boulder's largest parks, up against the foothills, with access to hiking/biking trails and all the activity of downtown Boulder thrown in. It's been one of the hottest, high-demand neighborhood for years.


The average age of most residents hovers between about 35 to 45 years old, but there are an increasing number of families with children making Boulder their home in recent years.

Walk to Vics, Ideal Market, Pearl Street, Breadworks, and Boulder Wine Merchant.


Foothills Elementary, Casey Middle, Boulder High

EXPECT TO SPEND $2 MIL OR MORE in this area. It's a quick walk to Community Plaza, trails, and even Pearl St.

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