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Martin Acres Neighborhood Boulder Colorado

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

The Martin Acres neighborhood in Boulder is in a part of town that was once a Boulder suburb. When it was built in the 1950's.


When first built it was considered a bit of a distance from the center of town, but now as the City of Boulder has grown, and other locations like Devil's Thumb and Shanahan Ridge carve out the southern edges of the city, Martin Acres is, by most standards, a very central and convenient location. There are about 1300 single family homes in Martin Acres, and three apartment complexes. A few businesses are also technically in the Martin Acres neighborhood, at its northern boundary, but it's really a secluded and quiet area.


Remodeling and renovation of these homes is still the order of business currently. Prices have come up, and anything in Boulder generally sells quickly if it's priced below $700,000. Martin Acres homes have been selling upwards of $650,000 in the past couple of years. Market time has reduced as well. You have to move quickly if you see something you like in this neighborhood!


Over the years, it has seen some changes as it went from a community oriented around young families, to a neighborhood with many rental homes fueled mainly by CU college students. The trend in the recent decade or so has been back towards owner occupied homes. Many families with children do seem to love taking advantage of the beautiful park and adjacent Creekside Elementary.


Martin Acres neighborhood association was formed in 1977. So for those of you who want to live in an area that has some sort of community guidance towards how well the neighborhood is maintained, how big houses can get, or other typical association guidelines, this may be a bonus for you.


The core of the area is the park and the elementary school. It's at the south end of the park just across the creek. This area is considered centrally located by today's standards. There's easy access to local labs: NIST, NCAR, NOAA and of course CU. Also the Table Mesa shopping area including Southern Sun, Under The Sun, King Soopers, and the Southside Walnut Cafe, and more!


Creekside Elementary Manhattan Middle Fairview High

BIKE PATHS, PEDESTRIAN TRAILS and quiet streets dominate Martin Acres, along with the centerpiece: Martin Park itself.

BOULDER’S A RELATIVELY SMALL COMMUNITY. Many neighborhoods share the same elementary and middle schools.

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