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Key Tips for Cleaning Before Moving or Selling Your Home

If you’re planning to move or sell your home, you’re probably dreading the stress that comes with it and thinking of how to get it done.

Moving or selling a home can be tedious, as there’s a lot to do and plan for in readiness for the move. You have to downsize and declutter, separating what is useful from what is redundant.

If you’re relocating somewhere else or downsizing, here are some simple tips to make the process easier: :

Make a list of all your stuff

This tip may sound silly but it is very effective. If you’re planning a move, make a list of all your stuff ranging from furniture to decor, and personal belongings.

This helps you keep track of all that you have in your home and helps you to be more organized.

Sort through your belongings

After making a list, the next step is to sort through all your belongings and put them in different piles.

For example, you can have a separate pile for the things you’re taking with you and another for those you’re giving away, throwing out, or leaving behind.

It is also best to get this done before final arrangements for the move are made.

Start getting rid of the things you don’t need

Once things begin to fall in place, start getting rid of all the junk. Throw out all the stuff that needs to be thrown out, and send the stuff for donations to the right place so that you’re only left with the things you’re taking with you.

This way you can avoid the mix-ups that come with doing everything at once. Also, remember to properly store and pack your valuables like jewelry and other valuable items.

Organize your storage spaces

Many buyers are curious about the storage spaces because everyone likes large storage spaces. Irrespective of the size, organizing the storage and closets make them look more spacious and give your home a good selling chance on the market.

Having organized closets and cabinets also gives the impression that the home is properly taken care of rather than having cupboards with items spilling out or out of order.

Clean out the corners

After getting rid of all the clutter and junk in the home, it’s time to get cleaning. Get out the brooms and mop and clean out the dust and dirt gathered in corners of your house.

Cleaning your house increases its value in the sales market as buyers would be more attracted to a clean house than a house filled with dirt and clutter.

You don’t have to do it all by yourself, you can reach out to me today for tips on getting your home ready for the market.

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