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Crestview Neighborhood Boulder Colorado

Updated: Oct 9, 2022


Between Violet and Sumac to the north and south, respectively, the western border of Broadway and the eastern border of 26th up to where 28th meets 36 north. Crestview has some really large lots and big trees. It's also the original site of the Freiker bike-to-school program.

Crestview Colorado Neighborhood in Boulder


Some areas of this neighborhood are newer, and attractive to those of you looking to move into an area that feels like a typical suburban location, yet really isn't.

If you explore, you'll find homes built many years ago, when green building and views were not considered. Some of these homes have been nicely renovated or rebuilt. Those that have not been updated still likely sit on a large lot, and therefore represent some opportunity if you want to create a home that fits our more modern lifestyle.


Crestview saw a building boom in the 1980s and 1990s. In the slightly older, western portion, there are larger lots than what you see in a typical lot and block subdivision, and in the later years, as development moved to the eastern portion of the neighborhood, cul-de-sacs emerged.


In the areas where some of the older homes are found, there’s a trend towards major remodeling or complete rebuilds as people gravitate towards this quiet neighborhood with mostly large lots.


Crestview Elementary anchors this neighborhood. Crestview is the school where the locally-based Freiker program got its start. A local cycling enthusiast parent and engineer decided that it made sense to get kids more excited about riding bikes to school.


Crestview Elementary, Centennial Middle, Boulder High

MAKE SURE TO take a little time and drive around the Crestview Neighborhood! Many people miss checking out details like Crestview Park.

Crestview Elementary School, which takes up part of the area is in the southeast corner of this public park in the core of the Crestview Neighborhood.

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