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Boulder's Pearl Street Pub & Cellar Burgers Are A Bargain

Pearl Street Pub & Cellar
Pearl Street Pub & Cellar

I spent so many nights playing pool with friends in the Pearl Street Pub and Cellar downstairs. A Low-key hangout that has an old-time feel & low lighting with pool tables & live music most nights might be just the ticket. There's also beer, and today at lease, a cheeseburger with fries is $10.

The Boulder Pearl Street Pub and Cellar is a prominent establishment located in the heart of downtown Boulder, Colorado. It's an iconic spot known for its lively atmosphere, diverse drink selection, and a history deeply embedded in the fabric of Boulder's pub scene.

The Pearl Street Pub and Cellar stands out not only for its cozy ambiance but also for its rich history. Situated along the bustling Pearl Street Mall, this pub has been a local favorite for residents and visitors alike for many years. Its historic building, with its brick exterior and inviting atmosphere, adds to the overall charm of the place.

Patrons are greeted by a warm and inviting interior characterized by dim lighting, wooden furnishings, and a relaxed vibe. The main bar area is often bustling with activity, where friendly bartenders serve an extensive array of drinks ranging from local craft beers to classic cocktails and fine wines. The pub's cellar, often reserved for special events or private gatherings, offers a more intimate setting for guests to enjoy their drinks and socialize.

Live music performances, trivia nights, and other events frequently take place at the Boulder Pearl Street Pub and Cellar, adding to its vibrant appeal. The diverse programming ensures there's always something exciting happening for patrons to enjoy while savoring their drinks and engaging in conversation.

The pub's menu typically features a selection of delicious pub-style fare, including burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, and other comfort foods, complementing the drinks and enhancing the overall experience for visitors.

Moreover, the location itself is a draw. Being situated in the heart of Boulder's vibrant downtown area means that patrons can easily explore nearby shops, art galleries, and other attractions before or after their visit to the pub.

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