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Professional Realtor in Boulder, CO

Are you moving to Boulder, CO, and need the assistance of a professional realtor? With an experienced realtor in your corner, the move can be easier and make for a seamless transition. Boulder is known for its beautiful scenery, nature, art scene, and healthy lifestyle. Both locals and transplants enjoy everything the city has to offer. Whether you are moving to Boulder, CO, for a new job, family, or a fresh start, licensed realtor Zachary Epps has over three decades of experience serving the community. 

Zachary Epps is an experienced realtor in Boulder, Colorado that serves the community with unmatched professionalism. He offers a Boulder neighborhood guide that gives insight into all of the neighborhoods in the city so that you can make an informed decision.  Zach Epps works to help you find a home within your budget that fits all of your needs. With over 30 years of experience, Zachary can help navigate any real estate matters or questions about Boulder’s various neighborhoods. Contact Zachary Epps for a free neighborhood guide to Boulder, CO! 

Reasons to move to Boulder, CO

Excellent job market

Boulder, CO, is known for its thriving job market, especially regarding the tech industry. With Google, Microsoft, and Lockheed Martin present within the city, those moving for a tech-related position will have ample opportunity for success. Along with many job opportunities, Boulder also has a prominent work from home culture. Whether you specialize in technology, digital marketing, operations, infrastructure management, or more, Boulder has much to offer professionals.  

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Lively art scene

Boulder is home to a creative community that celebrates the arts. The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and the annual Shakespeare Festival are two of the most common attractions in the city. With on-going festivals, exhibits, and events, it’s no secret why Boulder is popular for both visitors and locals. Whether you want to move to a city that showcases and appreciates art, or you are an artist yourself, Boulder can be a perfect fit for you and your lifestyle.

Active lifestyle

If you are looking for a city and community that is focused on health,  an active lifestyle, and an appreciation for the great outdoors, then Boulder is the place for you. The majority of the community is focused on health and being physically fit and enjoy working out. 
As Boulder is known for its incredible weather, people are often hiking, running, and exercising outside. 



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Boulder Realtor Zach Epps

Hi, I'm Zach Epps!

I'm a Boulder, CO Realtor with over 30 years of experience helping people find the right homes in the right neighborhoods.

Searching for a home can be so stressful. How do you know if you're making the right choices? How do you know if your new home is in a good neighborhood?

That's why I created my Boulder, CO neighborhood guides. I share tips and know-how only known by long time residents. Wouldn't you like to know what the locals know?

You can download my FREE guide or watch my many video tours of the Boulder's neighborhoods.

Let me cut your stress and help you find your dream home in the Colorado community that best fits your lifestyle and budget.

As always, you're welcome to call me at 303-520-0070 or contact me online with any questions. I'd be happy to help in your home search however I can!


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My approach is to listen to you carefully to determine your specific needs and objectives.

Together we develop a strategy and tactics that are focused on getting exactly what you are looking for.

Zachary Epps-Your Boulder Area RE/MAX Professional.


  • My clients will tell you that with me in your corner, every detail will be handled professionally, and promptly.

  • Reliability, accountability and trustworthiness are paramount values. 

  • Most Importantly, It’s all about good communication.


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