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Water Issues Keeps Westminster's Standley Lake Boatless

We're looking at the 5th summer in a row where Standley Lake in Westminster, Colorado will not allow power boats due to the fear of non-native mussels (quagga and zebra mussels) getting into the lake.

Beginning four years ago in early 2019 power boats were banned on the lake. Northglenn and Westminster are somewhat in a dispute. Northglenn's mayor isn't apparently interested in talks about changing the power boat ban.

Northglenn's water coming from the lake is "irreplaceable" they say, and is valued at almost $210 million dollars. Mayor Leighty of Northglenn states that no level of risk is acceptable when it comes to protecting the drinking water supply for the town.

Prior to the 2019 ban, Westminster issued 473 permits for power boats in 2018. That comes to about $500,000.00 in permit fees. Not to mention the plethora of people who purchased and own homes around the reservoir due to the proximity to the water and their ability to use it for summer recreation. We may consequently see a change again in housing values for those that bought homes or were thinking of buying in the area to take advantage of the recreation opportunities on Standley Lake.

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