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Top Things To Do In Boulder Colorado

Boulder, CO is full of fun, interesting and sometimes exciting things to do. I've put together a list of a few key things to do in Boulder that I think you'll love to know about.

There are so many great things to do in Boulder it's difficult to know where to begin. However, for anyone who's been to Boulder even only once, one particular destination stands out for visitors.

The Pearl Street Pedestrian Mall

Pearl street was once an ordinary downtown street, perhaps like a main street in most town in the USA. Then in the mid 1970's a few local visionaries came up with the idea to brick over four blocks of Pearl in the heart of downtown and make it pedestrian access only.

Pearl Street has so much to offer both visitors and locals. The atmosphere is sublime with dappled shade, wonderful flowers, and all sorts of shops and restaurants. Many locally owned businesses have been here since the Pearl Street Mall opened in August of 1977.

Some of the stand out businesses include, The Boulder Book Store, The Pedestrian Shop, Into The Wind, and of course the many wonderful restaurants.

Whether you want to just stroll the mall, hang out and people watch or grab a brew or a bite, there's plenty of opportunity to have fun and enjoy your time downtown on Pearl Street.

Many people were anxious back in 1977 that this would be a bad thing for the businesses along this portion of Pearl Street between 11th and 15th street. Some business owners thought if people couldn't park in front of their shops, customers wouldn't come.

Quite the contrary, businesses quickly found that Pearl Street would become the best and most expensive retail and restaurant space in the entire city of Boulder.

On spring, summer and fall evenings you'll often see buskers (or sometimes called street performers) at various locations on the mall. Over the years there have been well known performers doing all sorts of various 'acts'. The 'zip code guy', magicians, jugglers, even a guy who folds himself up into a small plexiglass box. Many of the performers engage the people on the mall and often crowds will form a large group to watch the short acts.

Feeling like a stroll but want to be in nature?

The Flatirons might be just what you're looking for then.

As part of Boulder's Open Space and Mountain Parks area (OSMP), there are many hiking trails throughout the foothills OSMP area that provides the border on the west side of town. One particularly famous and desirable place to begin a hike is Chautauqua Park at the foot of the Flatirons. Chautauqua Park is on the south side of Baseline Road at 9th. At busy times of the year you may want to take advantage of the shuttle service and park down at Baseline and Broadway in the parking lot of New Vista High School.

Boulder Creek Path

For something sort of in between, consider spending some time on the Boulder Creek Path. Years ago the creek wasn't much of a destination, and once again locals came up with a great idea: clean up the creek, and install a wide path for pedestrians, cyclists, and at one point in time roller bladers! The creek path takes you from Eben G. Fine park at the mouth of Boulder Canyon, all the way out to beyond Scott Carpenter Park to the east. It's still a favorite place for people to stroll along the tree-lined creek. There's a spot by the library where you can walk into the creek and kids often swim and play in the water.

Stay tuned for more great ideas about Boulder in a future post.

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