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Rocky Flats Still Unsafe?

Even though it’s been decades since the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons facility was actively in production, and it’s been almost 20 years since the official cleanup was complete, some locals still think it makes sense to open up the site to visitors.

The property has been the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge for many years now. Houses have been built on several locations downwind and downhill (read water flows downhill) from the former nuclear weapons facility.

Dr. Mark Johnson, executive director of Jefferson County Public Health, has made a formal declaration in a filed court document with U.S. District Court in Denver stating that he feels it’s unwise to open the wildlife refuge to the public.

Proposals and plans have been bounced around for a few years now suggesting that Rocky Flats be open to school field trips and picnics.

For those of us who have lived here a long while, we may recall the infamous reports of contamination and pollution caused by the Rocky Flats facility.

Why would anyone think it makes sense to recreate on a piece of land contaminated with plutonium-239?

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