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Marshall Mesa Trail Boulder Colorado

What began as on of the most important coal mining areas of the state, Marshall Mesa, and the Marshall Mesa trails are a spectacular place to hit some single track on your mountain bike.

Whether it’s just doing a loop around the mesa on foot or bike, you can also connect to other OSMP trails in and out of Superior, Colorado as well as the greenbelt Plateau, the High Plains trail along Highway 128, Flatirons Vista North and Doudy Draw.

More than 100 years ago, Marshall Mesa was famous for coal mining. The first mine was operated by William and Nancy Kitchens in 1859, but they sold it to Joseph Marshall in 1866.

Mining here attracted many European immigrants. The town of Marshal actually had so many people from so many different places that there were neighborhoods separated by languages.

Marshall, Colorado became one of the most brutal towns in Colorado due to the dangerous work and many people who were killed or injured in mining accidents

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