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Mapleton Hill Neighborhood Boulder Colorado

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Mapleton Hill Neighborhood is definitely another one of the best Boulder neighborhoods, and we should tour it together so I can help you see its finer points. It is bordered by Alpine on the north, Broadway on the east, Pearl or Spruce to the south (there's some debate on this border), and 4th street (or the foothills, essentially) on the western edge.

Mapleton Hill Neighborhood in Boulder Colorado


It's about stately homes, big trees, classic architecture, and fantastic location.

The nearby Sanitas trailhead at roughly 3rd and Mapleton Ave is a favorite of serious and casual hikers. The dog-friendly Sanitas Valley trail is a walk that I've done with my children all the way back since they were in a backpack, and easily now that they're on their own.

For dog lovers, the Sanitas Valley trail is a wonderfully easy stride up to the edge of Dakota ridge with views of Boulder and beyond. Sanitas Mountain trail is a favorite of those more robust and adventurous hikers, but with the uber-athlete crowd that calls Boulder home, it's still pretty tame by local standards. Check out the bouldering opportunities for those of you interested in testing your skills without a rope.


Mapleton Hill is one of the first neighborhoods in Boulder, along with the Whittier Neighborhood. Actually, it's ancient by western standards since it was established in the late 1800s. Mapleton Ave was originally called 'Hill Street', for obvious reasons you'll see. Trees were planted along the avenue to transform the otherwise barren hill, and a new era dawned to become Mapleton Hill.


The District opened an Early Childhood Education Center at Mapleton Elementary in Boulder. This program is possible thanks to the generosity of Boulder Valley School District voters and funding from the City of Boulder. The program serves up to 128 students ages 3-4 and 5 until school age. The program offered at Mapleton is consistent with the preschool program offered in schools across the district.


The Mapleton School closed as an elementary school in the mid 2000s, the bonus is you're now in the Whittier School zone. With its International Baccalaureate designation, Whittier is a magnet for some high achievers. Many locals and transplants alike gravitate towards having their kids attend Whittier School.


Whittier Elementary, Casey Middle, Boulder High

BOULDER’S A RELATIVELY SMALL COMMUNITY. Many neighborhoods share the same elementary and middle schools.

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