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Louisville Colorado Redtail Ridge

Controversy continues for the 400 + acre site once home decades ago to Storage Technology Corporation, one of the areas larger employers through the 1980's and 1990's.

In similar fashion to neighboring Superior, Colorado which took many years to come to terms with developers about what to do with what is now called 'Downtown Superior', The former Storage Tech, Sun Microsystems, Conoco/Phillips, Phillips 66 and and now Redtail Ridge.

Many proposals have been put up for approval, and thwarted by the local Planning Commission. In the meantime, millions of potential tax dollars have been lost in the wind while disagreements abound regarding what the best use of the property should be.

Last year the Louisville City Council approved plans from developer Brue Baukol Capital Partners LLC. Just after approval, Centura Health's Avista Adventist Hospital confirmed that it is under contract to purchase land in the Redtail Ridge development area for a new hospital.

The recent setback after an April 2022 special election shut down current and recent plans from Brue Baukol and approved land uses reverted to what was set forth in a 2010 ConocoPhillips development plan.

It's looking a lot like another case of myopic and narrow minded NIMBY attitude from the voters who continue to get in the way of future reasonable and logical use of the years-vacant property.

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