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Five Top Reasons To Move To Boulder

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

People have been moving to the Boulder, Colorado area at an ever increasing rate. Mostly from the two coasts, as well as Chicago and a few midwestern states. Don't fret though, the quality of life, and the big reasons people love Boulder haven't been sacrificed by the influx. Traffic is moderate, you can get around town without a car pretty easily, and the city is constantly improving so many things around town.

The Weather Is Awesome!

With an average of over 300 days of sunshine, low humidity, and moderate temperatures most of the year, the outdoors is your playground. This fuels the fire for fitness minded people of all types. Whether you're into walking or biking to work (which is easy by the way due to tons of dedicated multi-use paths and bike lanes), or you want to get out and train for the next marathon on the foothills trails, most people in Boulder find it a wonderful place to spend time outside.

Yes, it's a college town, and then some!

University of Colorado Boulder is a extremely well-known and respected university with an outstanding Engineering Department (yep, not just a liberal arts college). The school has credit for Eighteen astronauts, Eleven Nobel Laureates, and eight MacArthur Fellows have been associated with CU divided between former students, researchers, and faculty members. Nestled right up against the foothills and the famous Flatirons in the center of the city, Boulder's outrageously gorgeous campus draws people from all over the world.

The Food, Dining, and Culture Is Remarkable

While Boulder was once considered a hippie town, even in the 1970's and 1980's Boulder has been known for an incredible number of restaurants per capita. Although now known more for a plethora of fine-dining (and often very pricey) restaurants, Boulder is certainly known for some Colorado’s best restaurants. Boulder still maintains regional favorites such as the Flagstaff House up on Flagstaff Mountain which has breath-taking views, and the old stand-by The Greenbriar Inn, there are more recent additions to the local restaurant options such as the nationally acclaimed Frasca Food and Wine, Blackbelly, and Black Cat. Let's not forget The Kitchen, Jax Fish House, Centro, The Rio, The Med, Via Perla, Salt, Riffs, and Hapa.

More recent additions include Chimera, Corrida , and Pepper.

Winter Sports Are Right Here

While many visitors, and even some Denver metro locals brave the I-70 corridor into the central mountains, that's not really necessary.

Most locals know that for downhill skiing and snowboarding, Eldora Mountain is only about a 30 minute drive from downtown Boulder. Also, if you're into snowshoeing, cross-country/nordic skiing there are many spots within less that 20-30 minutes of town to satisfy almost every appetite.

Jobs, Start Ups, and Entrepreneurs

Boulder is an incomparable entrepreneurial mecca. In fact, Start Ups, Entrepreneurs, and Jobs in general dominate this town. Ten years ago, Boulder had more than six times the high-tech start-ups per capita than the America's average, which is 2x the number per capita as San Jose-Sunnyvale in California. With major players like Case Logic, Crocs, Alfalfas, Wild Oats, and many other companies that started right here in Boulder, Colorado; there are many major players in the job market such as the blue chip oldie like IBM, to more recent mega employers like Google filling in the employer base.

Thinking about moving? Call or text me today! 303-520-0070

I’d seriously enjoy having the opportunity to talk to you about your plans if you’re moving, or if you know someone who is considering a move, and needs some straight answers.

Also, I’m never too busy for your referrals. As a real estate professional intent on giving back to the community, my relationship-based approach is exactly what you’ve been looking for in a helpful RE/MAX Professional.

Zachary Epps


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