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Five Great Reasons To Have A Home Inspection Before Selling

Why set yourself up for having to renegotiate the terms after you're already under contract? I'll give you here five great reasons to have your home professionally inspected before you put it up for sale.

1. Know what you're selling.

It's really important to know what you have for sale. Most of us live in our homes blissfully unaware of little troubles around our house, but when it's time to sell many of us put a home on the market without really knowing what we're offering up.

2. Avoid Surprises.

Knowing what a professional home inspector may find by having a home inspection will help you avoid being surprised halfway through the under contract phase. Why wait and let some other home inspector hired by a buyer hit you with surprise data?

3. Save Money.

Knowing what home repairs are needed by having a home inspection done can save you money because you're in control. When you know about needed repairs ahead of time, you get to decide how to make the repairs, and how much it costs. It's not always as costly as some people might think, and if you take care of things on your own, you get to decide who does the work and how much it will cost you.

4. Avoid Renegotiating.

When everyone signs the contract it's an exciting moment. Your home is sold! Then again, its it? The buyer hires a home inspector, and then you get an Inspection Objection and that buyer's inspection report. All of a sudden you're getting requests to either negotiate the price, negotiate the repairs, or both! Avoid this hassle from the beginning and get it inspected before you go on the market.

5. Remove Doubt / Be An Open Book.

All things being equal, a buer will look favorably on your house if they know exactly what's right and wrong with your house. The other house? Not inspected? They'll be worried. Not with your house. Get it inspected before you sell, fix what's wrong (control the costs) and disclose everything. Being an open book gives buyers comfort. They'll pick your home first because they don't have to worry about problems, and you'll be quickly on the road to a smooth closing!

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