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Development At Former Storage Tek / Conoco Phillips

Developers are once again looking into creating a plan to finally do something with the approximately 400 acres of vacant land between 96th, 88th, Monarch High and the Boulder Turnpike (hwy 36). This time, developers are working to learn what people in the area want to see on the property.

Originally the property was home to the IBM spinoff Storage Technology Corporation which started in 1970. At that time this spot was basically in the middle of nowhere.

Then in 2005 Sun Microsystems purchased Storage Tek and ran that business into the ground, eventually closing the campus. It only took them two years to put the land up for sale after the purchase when ConocoPhillips bought it with plans to build an education and research facility. They razed all the buildings, fenced off the property, and put their money in other endeavors.

After many years of waiting for someone to come up with a plan and getting approval for development, still the land sits vacant. Eleven years later there's some hope that a new plan will reveal itself.

According to currently proposed plan documents, the estimated build-out of the newest ideas will take at least another dozen years.

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