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Colorado Ready to Launch EV Trucks

The Colorado Energy Office is changing its plan to have more electric vehicles (EV's) on the road by 2025 and 2030. Hoping for up to 25% of the medium and light vehicles by 2025, and up to 100% by 2030.

Looks like Colorado is jumping on the bandwagon and pushing for switching to a fleet of all EV trucks in the near future. To quote a sentence in an article from the Camera: "Aiming to get mileage out of the increasing use of electric vehicles, the Colorado Energy Office is updating is plan to get more of them on the roads"

This language is a clever and perhaps slightly misleading use of words. Getting mileage out of increasing use of EV trucks may sound like there's a benefit per mile savings. Rather, most of us who read and discussed this are clear that the 'mileage' is simply a well phrased sentence to convince people that it's something other than mileage as we typically think of it, such as fuel mileage (as in per gallon).

I'd be interested to hear about where people thing the energy comes from to create the electricity for these EV's and the relative efficiency of that over burning plentiful fossil fuels.

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