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CDOT Offers Incentives for Mountain Workers

For decades many Colorado Department Of Transportation (CDOT) workers found that the most affordable housing choice was mobile homes, or trailer parks as they're often called most of which are on state owned land. Now CDOT is offering incentives for workers to change some of that.

As mountain residential property in areas where CDOT workers need to live, quickly rising home prices have made it difficult for plow drivers and other CDOT workers to manage housing costs.

Bouncing from one trailer to another to get better housing for their families hasn't been easy and necessarily affordable path. Now CDOT is getting more serious about finding housing alternatives for their staff.

CDOT plans a series of CDOT financed employee housing developments in 2023. They'll cover construction costs in Fairplay and Frisco. Tapping into its savings of hundreds of vacant highway maintenance positions in recent years will provide the path to funding.

Ski resorts are following this similar path as well as other mountain communities/employers since it's now becoming essential to attract and retain workers in those areas. CDOT has made some significant increases in housing stipends which potentially will boost pay by more than 50%.

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