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Business Leaving Boulder

Boulder business Exxel Outdoors is leaving its Boulder digs for a new location in Broomfield. More specifically, the new location is in the Interlocken business park about half way between Boulder and Denver. Maybe this will become a trend that reduces the commute into Boulder... maybe not. Consider where they are, where they're going, and where most of their employees live.

Exxel Outdoors isn't expected to move until Q1 2020. The have over 100 employees, that according to recent reports mostly live in the Longmont, Louisville, and Loveland area.

The company is reportedly excited to move to the Interlocken location as they will own the building, and the location has great views, and open spaces which are key attractions for an outdoor based company such as Exxel.

Exxel Outdoors has brands such as Sierra Designs, Kelty, SlumberJack, and Ultimate direction.

I'm wondering if Exxel will lose some of those Longmont and Loveland based employees in favor of others living nearer to the new facility. While the gunbarrel location isn't a terrible haul from Loveland, and a quick jump from Longmont... Interlocken is quite a different commute. Hats off to Exxel for doing so well!

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