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Avalanche Danger High

Colorado is experiencing some of the most volatile mountain snow conditions in over a decade, and back country skiers are on edge.

Avalanche forecasters are also watching closely this season. We've already had some deadly slides and four lives have been lost this season.

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC) they've been recording data and keeping records on avalanches since 1950. This winter has been the most dangerous on record for Colorado.

One popular area for backcountry skiers is the Chimney Chute area near Berthoud Pass. It's a popular starting point for many skiers.

Apparently there are a lot of newcomers to backcountry skiing and so we're seeing a higher number of less experienced people out there. Without a history of experience, some are getting in over their head as they don't have the skills and history of being able to read the snow conditions.

Hopefully the snow will become more stable as the season continues and we'll see people staying safe and continuing to enjoy the outdoors.

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