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Boulder, Colorado, Ranks as the Number One Place to Live

When looking for the best places to live in the USA, you should look no further than Boulder, Colorado.

People looking to change cities consider different factors. Some prefer to live in isolation, choosing to purchase homes in densely populated districts, while others will only buy homes in areas where the nearest home must be at least one kilometer away from the next.

Other determinant factors include price, job opportunities, quality of life, crime rate, average weather condition, and agent recommendation. In some of the relevant indexes, Boulder, Colorado ranks as the number one place to live in the USA.

According to the US News and World Report's annual list, Boulder is the best place to live in the USA. The statistics are from cumulative data from the Department of Labor, FBI, Internal Resources, Census Bureau, etc.

#1. Population Profile

The presence of many young professionals in Boulder, including tech specialists and business entrepreneurs, makes the city attractive for living. As the home of the University of Colorado, Boulder has an understandably young population.

Also, the bulk of the populace is well-educated. In fact, over 75% of the population possesses a minimum of a Bachelor's degree.

Business People in Meeting

#2. Job Opportunities

Boulder has several job opportunities, especially in tech. As a result, Boulder plays host to many startups. The tech professionals find Boulder an attractive place to reside due to the high average salary on offer, and the relatively low housing cost, especially when compared with a place like Silicon Valley.

Tech giants like Apple and Google have a strong presence in Boulder, with both having offices there. Another major industry in Boulder is Aerospace. Job opportunities also exist in other disciplines like renewable energy, IT and software, pharmaceuticals, sustainable services and products, biotechnology, and bioscience.

#3. Quality of Life

Boulder has great weather, with lots of sunshine and characteristically clear skies. The weather is mild and almost perfect in the early fall and late spring. Winters and summers are usually dry.

With the presence of lengthy hiking trails and an abundance of parks, lovers of the outdoors will find Boulder an attractive place. Hikers, trail runners, and cyclists have access to great scenery and almost 50,000 acres of open land.

Boulder also has plenty of performing arts, musical performances, and theater festivals for lovers of the arts. In addition, there are many museums and galleries that you can explore.

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